On odd-numbered years, the TMF and Thomas Munson Scholarship Fund Boards of Directors along with other TMF members conduct the annual business meetings and family reunion in-person and on-location in a city within one of the designated Munson regions.  Selection of regions for the meetings and reunions is set by a rotation cycle of the 7 regions:  I, V, VI, IV, VII, III, and II.

Since 1987, on-location business meetings and reunions have been held across the country.  Unfortunately, the 2021 meetings and reunion were conducted virtually via video conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic and US imposed travel restrictions.

Year Region Location Organizers/Hosts
1987* I New Haven, CT Francis E. (Pat) Munson
1989 V Greencastle, IN Kay (Munson) and Don Weaver
1991 VI Estes Park, CO Roland Munson
1993 IV Pikeville, TN Robert C. Munson
1995 VII Costa Mesa, CA Francis E. (Pat) Munson
1997 III Williamsburg, VA Jack H. Munson
1999 III Vestal, NY Robert E. Munson
  – End of First Cycle-      
2001 I Sturbridge, MA Ruth (Munson) Anderson
2003 V Fort Wayne, IN Kay (Munson) and Don Weaver, Daniel “Dan” and Jo Munson
2005 VI Estes Park, CO Geraldine “Gerry” and Bob Cole
2007 IV Pikeville, TN Kay (Munson) and Don Weaver, Ardith “Susie” and Lanny Frazier
2009 VII Portland, OR Thomas O and Leslie Munson
2011 III Williamsburg, VA Jack H. and Bobbi Munson
2013 III Cortland, NY Fay Benson and Lisa Mallery, Sam Markello and others (TMF)
  – End of Second Cycle –      
2015 I Hartford, CT Melvyn and Jeanette Douglass
2017 V Louisville, KY Ardith Goodhue “Susie” Frazier
2019 VI Wichita, KS David Munson Chestnut
2021 IV Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic  

*1987 is the Sesqui-Tricentennial (350th) anniversary of Thomas¹’s arrival at Hartford