The Foundation has the following publications that are available for purchase.

The Munson Record – Volumes I & II
The original work of Myron A. Munson, published in 1895 and reprinted in 1984 by the Foundation. Records the family history for the period 1637 – 1895 and includes 9,258 descendants of Thomas Munson: 4,671 were born with the Munson name and 4,587 with other surnames. Lists traditional information about births, marriages, deaths, and many interesting tales, honors, awards, and accomplishments of Munsons who were a part of American history.  For current ordering info, send an email to

The Munson Record – Vol. III, IV & V
The three volumes, printed in 1994, are a continuation of the Thomas Munson family history from Volumes I & II. They contain a total of 1,984 pages of genealogical information. The four indexes include 24,148 names of descendants and spouses. Also included are 227 photographs.   For current ordering info, send an email to

Food for Body, Mind and Soul

The cookbook is a collection of 150 or so great recipes which have been contributed by various Munson Family members. Also included is a small collection of dessert recipes in a section entitled “heavenly Secrets” by Chef Lori. For current ordering info, send an email to