A separate non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, The Thomas Munson Foundation Scholarship Fund, Inc., termed “The Fund,” maintains a scholarship endowment which is sustained by tax-exempt contributions from members and non-members, interest on endowment investments, and willed bequests.  Members of the Thomas Munson Foundation are also members of The Fund. Each year two or more scholarships are awarded to selected applicants who meet the criteria, which include tracing their ancestry to Thomas Munson or any of the other signatories to the Fundamental Agreement at New Haven, Connecticut, dated 1639. The scholarship can be used to assist in their college education or vocational schooling.

Return to this page  in late 2021 to download the 2022 scholar application. The application includes:

  •    The next deadline. We consider only complete applications that meet this deadline.
  •     A scholarship application and instructions for completing it.
  •     Information on documenting descent from Thomas Munson or another signatory.

To learn more about the scholarship program, please contact:

James Markello, Jr.,  TMFSF President
Dave Weaver, TMFSF Scholarship Awards Chairperson

Board of Directors of the Thomas Munson Foundation Scholarship Fund

James Markello, Jr, TMFSF President (Ephraim – TX)
Mark Munson, TMFSF Vice President (Ephraim – PA)
Karen Weaver, TMFSF Secretary (John – IN)
Ross Markello, TMFSF Treasurer (Ephraim – MA)
Dave Weaver, TMFSF Scholarship Awards Chairperson (John – IN)
Timothy Brown, TMFSF At-Large Member (Waitsill – NY)

David A. Munson, TMFSF Legal Advisor (Waitstill – TX)

*Adobe Acrobat is required to view the scholarship application. This free program is available on the Adobe Website.