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The Thomas Munson Foundation is a not-for-profit family organization of the descendants of Thomas Munson (1612 – 1685) who established the family in the American colonies. The Foundation was incorporated in 1984 under the laws of the State of Michigan.

To continue fulfilling our TMF Mission and to make our family history more enriched, we invite all family members, on a voluntary basis, to submit to the Foundation any photos and thumbnail bios you have of ancestors, any fun stories involving relatives, and any detailed, multi-generational histories of immediate or expanded families for inclusion in the digital ancestry database and on the website for all to enjoy.

Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Foundation or the Scholarship and Internship Stipend Program.

TMF Contacts 2021-2023:

  • Melvyn Douglass (Clan Waitstill – TX), President
  • Edith Williams Moersch (Clan John – WA), Vice President
  • Cynthia Isabell (Clan Waitstill – IN), Secretary
  • Mariel Aubra Parman (Clan Abel – AL), Treasurer

  • Catherine McNulty Bell (Clan Abel – UT), Historian/Genealogist
  • Kyle Munson (Clan Theophilus – IA), Public Affairs
  • Lori Hahn (Clan William – IA), Newsletter Editor
  • Ardith Goodhue ‘Susie’ Frazier (Clan Solomon – IN) Membership
  • Cynthia Joan Howard (Clan Benjamin – CT) Library & Museum
  • Kay Munson Weaver (Clan John – IN) At-Large Director
  • Kathryn Allen (Clan Waitstill – TX) At-Large Director
  • David A. Cole (Clan Waitstill – KS) At-Large Director
  • David A. Munson (Clan Waitstill – TX) Legal Advisor

TMFSF Contacts 2021-2023:

  • James Markello, Jr, TMFSF President (Ephraim – TX)

  • Ross Markello, TMFSF Treasurer (Ephraim – MA)

  • David P. Weaver, TMFSF Scholarship Awards Chairperson (John – IN)

  • David A. Munson, TMFSF Legal Advisor (Waitstill – TX)

  • Mark A. Munson, TMFSF President (Ephraim – PA)

  • Karen Weaver, TMFSF Secretary (John – IN)

  • Jill Hunting, TMFSF Member-at-Large (Joel – CA)

  • Shelby Anderson,, TMFSF Member-at-Large (Lizzie – CA)

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