Descendancy Charts

The Thomas Munson Foundation is a not-for-profit family organization of the descendants of Thomas Munson (1612 – 1685) who established the family in the American colonies. The Foundation was incorporated in 1984 under the laws of the State of Michigan.

Myron Andrews⁹ Munson, author of The Munson Record, Volumes I and II (1896), produced 18 Munson Clan Descendancy Charts. Chart 1 documents Generations 1 to 4, from Thomas¹ Munson to his 4th-generation great grandchildren. Charts 2-18 document the family trees of each of the 17 originally-defined Munson Clans from generations 4 to 7, 8, or sometimes 9. No such charts were produced for new Munson Clans defined in Volumes III, IV and V of The Munson Record (1993). Further, Munson Clans established after 1993, such as Joseph⁴ Tuttle, Timothy⁴ Tuttle, Amos⁴ Tuttle Clans only have ancestry data recorded in the digital Munson Family database.

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Thomas¹ & Joanna Munson
Samuel² & Martha (Pritchard) Munson
Samuel³ & Martha Munson
Waitstill⁴ & Phebe (Preston) Munson Clan defined
Reuben⁵ & Mary (Chittenden) Munson
Moses⁶ & Lucy (Morton) Munson
Joel⁷ & Polly (Wait) Munson
Morris⁸ & Sylva Maria (Joslyn) Munson
Joel Smith⁹ & Sarah Catherine (Russell) Munson
Lewis Sylvester¹⁰ & Alice Estella (Orser) Munson
Maude¹¹ Munson Prang;
Ethel Blanchard¹¹ Munson Whaley;
Vincent¹¹ Munson Ivers

Meet Munson Family members: Lewis Sylvester¹⁰ and wife Alice Estella (Orser) Munson

Meet Munson Family member: Maude¹¹ Munson Prang

Meet Munson Family member: Ethel Blanchard¹¹ Munson Whaley

Meet Munson Family member:  Vincent¹¹ Munson Ivers