Munson Family Members, Histories, and Stories

Our greater Munson family is now in the 15th generation of descendancy from Thomas¹ Munson (1612-1685), and consists of many hundreds of thousands of members spread across the United States.  The Munson Record chronicles many of our family ancestors, by clan, with interesting short thumbnail or expanded biographies of individuals.  A small sampling of our ancestors’ biographies are captured in the “Thumbnail Bios” drop-down menu page.  Some family members have written fun stories about events relatives.  We only have four stories so far, and these are reproduced as PDFs in the “Fun Stories” drop-down menu page. To-date, there are no “Family Histories” to share on the Family Histories drop-down page. The list of Munson Inventors (1819 – 1985) from The Munson Record Vol II is a PDF available in the “Munson Inventors” drop-down page.

Although we don’t have an abundance of Munson Family Stories posted here, two of our cousins from Clan William have blogs containing many interesting and historical accounts/documentaries of the Clan William ancestors.  Our TMF Newsletter Editor Lori Hahn has done extensive research on Clan William members that are not chronicled in The Munson Record.  These are valuable family records.  Visit her blog at:

Also, CJ Aderman of Clan William has chronicles of her ancestors and many cousins.  Visit her blog at:

You are invited to explore these “Munson Family Bios and Stories” and get to know your near and far Munson relatives both past and present.  Further, if you have stories and/or histories of your family members and need a place or want to archive them, send them to the TMF and we will put them on the website here.